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    Fire & Smoke Curtain Systems

    Our expertise has developed a range with some of the most unique products and systems.

    For more information please visit www.adexon-uk.com


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    Hinged Metal Door Systems

    Our business model means we work with very specialist applications and projects for a huge cross section of industries. Cosmos™ is renowned not only for our specialist expertise, but also our unmatched quality in paint processes and specialist paint applications and bespoke design face innovation. Modern steel doors bear little resemblance to their more “primitive” predecessors - CNC manufacturing techniques allow a high level of consistency and very tight tolerances meaning that you can rely on the bespoke manufactured door set to meet your individual requirements - from fire escape doors to ballistic and blast rated doors where maximum protection is needed. These can be simply hinged and/ or sliding, folding, bi-folding and concertina.

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    Automated Gate + Bollard/ Barrier Systems

    For many Client sectors, property perimeter security is highly important. VIRTEK™ design and manufacture bespoke systems for personnel control as well as vehicle mitigation and perimeter protection systems. Engineered using the highest specification motors and components available to the market today, reliability is a dead certainty. We promise it, we deliver and we guarantee it. From the earliest assessment stage we adapt our products to suit the most stringent of safety requirements with multi-levels incorporated to suit client needs. You will find VIRTEK™ systems where your safety really matters - from Nuclear Power Stations to Justice Courts and Government Embassies, where a breach of security is no option.