• What We Do...

    Of course, "we take the risk away", but what does that entail?


    ...from Monday to Friday, from somewhere around 6am through to 5pm.


    We design, develop, engineer and manufacture specialist high-performance Doors, Gates, Curtains & Shutters. And provide project management for the installation and predictive, digitalised maintenance of the same.


    Product Types include hinged, sliding, cantilever, bi-folding, rolling, and concertina – whether manually operated or fully automated.


    In seeking the best solutions we proactively seek out leading (and often ground-breaking) ideas and innovations from other industries and see how we can apply them to what we do.


    This 'parallel innovation' has repeatedly produced outstanding results, allied with our own expertise and capabilities.


    We also design, develop, engineer and manufacture specialist high-security, fire and acoustic barrier systems such as 'frameless' Fire Curtain systems or Clear-Sound™ Perimeter Acoustic barrier systems, to name a couple.


    Whether we are designing a product that is highly bespoke for the application on hand, or simply manufacturing precision quality to suit your design brief, all of what we do is at the leading edge of innovative product performance so you can be sure of componentry and functionality that combines the latest in engineering techniques with the sleekest usability and cleanest aesthetics.


    And however bespoke or unique your requirements, it is highly likely that we will be able to achieve certification and/ or accreditation to British and/ or other national (e.g. EU or USA) and internationally recognised standards. Even if what you need is going to be a true one-off.


    Performance of our products includes:



    Components for our products are selected and/ or designed to achieve best whole-life value taking into account the required design life of the building or project, the usage/ functionality requirements, and factoring in all servicing, maintenance, and replacements etc.


    We largely use components and products from 3 leading world-class brands:


    ADEXON™ > Cosmos™ > VIRTEK™


    We meticulously apply ‘lean’ across all our processes so as to reduce waste and unnecessary cost. This means, dollar for dollar, we give better value and greater quality.


    With manufacturing facilities/ partners at a number of locations around the globe you can take advantage of our products pretty much anywhere without the costs and carbon footprint commensurate with long distance transport.


    We aim to become world renown front-runners in our specialist area of expertise; not by being the biggest, but by being the best-in-class.


    NB. FYI we are reckoning on being the first in the world to install and maintain our products using robots and drones – watch this space.