• We're in it for the long term...

    We can’t do everything, and we aren't best at everything.


    Well, not quite everything anyway.


    And one example of this is we are seldom the 'best' initial price.


    This is by design. Because:

    1. price is only one part of cost; and, much more importantly...
    2. we passionately believe that whole-life value and total product life cost is better for you than a cheapest-first-12-months proposition. Unless of course you are only being paid (latent defects aside) to provide a cheapest-first-12-months solution.


    Which, to us, would seem just a little crazy.


    Buildings aren't built to last just 12 months so someone will have to pay the ongoing costs.


    Isn't it best then, to look at the whole life cost at the start and hence save everyone money?


    Everyone can benefit.