• Where to?

    The Journey

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    1st stop: UK

    Become a great ambassador of GB design and engineering and manufacturing expertise

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    2nd stop: a 12,000 mile reach

    And then export this expertise around the globe

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    Final Destination...

    "anywhere - without going there"

    So, here goes…

    When Homo Sapiens start building on Mars we want to be invited...


    Not to do the bricklaying or the groundworks (noble achievements as those will be), nor do we want to go there (particularly!), but we want to be asked to design, engineer, manufacture, install, and maintain the undoubtedly High Performance Metal Doors that will be needed.


    And for that we need to be able to do all these things autonomously, without being there.


    That is our aim.


    And, what we know is that striving to achieve the technology and design that will be required to manufacture, install, and maintain our products "anywhere, without going there" will push the boundaries of product performance and whole-life reliability and maintainability way beyond the current status quo.


    And this product performance and reliability, and the technology and development involved, will be super useful to the rest of us human beings here on planet earth.


    Now, whether these doors will be designed for floods or not depends a bit on what NASA’s Mars 2020 Rover finds, but, whatever the need, we want it put our way.


    Hence Stop 1 and Stop 2: to design and engineer and manufacture the highest specification Metal Doors & Gates this planet needs; whether in Tokyo or deep in Antarctica (see video), whether on the International Space Station (have you spotted it recently?) or the Nicaraguan Canal project (will this ever go ahead?), whether on the new US Embassy in London or on the next Camp Bastion (see how the original one is now), we have to qualify for 'project Mars' by being the 'go-to' people on earth when the demands are the greatest.


    We think this will be a little contribution towards keeping the UK firmly on the world map (and one day, perhaps, the solar system map).


    Be part of the journey!