Proper coffee lovers...


    And risk-averse pioneers. Our adjective oxymoronically juxtapositions our noun :)


    Because it is rare.


    And the combination you get with us is rare.


    Pioneers are traditionally risk takers. And caution traditionally inhibits invention and innovation. Not with us. Methodical, meticulous, scientific, analytical, working hard and clever, we find solutions that "take the risk away".


    We focus on being the best in our niche (as far as we know - we might not be aware of everyone out there), rather than being pretty good (or average) at lots of stuff.


    In-between coffees...


    We design and innovate existing designs, and develop new designs, of best-in-class Specialist High Performance Doors, Gates, Curtains & Shutters. To meet the needs of you and... well, others like you.


    We like what is new nearly as much as we like barista coffee. And we fall asleep (even after a few coffees) if someone else in the team even hints at sticking with old, out-of-date designs when they could be improved ever so simply. It must be the coffee we drink. Or the air. Either way, we do very much like trying to make things better than last time.


    And every day we have a combined incrementally greater aggregate of knowledge and experience than ever before (phew! that took a deep breath). And applying this to what we do means what we do gets that little bit better. Each day.


    As does the (barista-like) coffee.

    And the air.